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This Stuff Works!

Svaroopa® Yoga Bliss Bits

March, 2016

Judy and KBThe Basics: I am a beginning student of Svaroopa ® Yoga. I had practiced Hatha Yoga most of my life and it helped to align my spine temporarily and offered some relief. But found Svaroopa ® Yoga with Judy to be amazingly transforming and very different from Hatha.

Svaroopa® Yoga has been the key to unlock a lifetime of deep muscle tension and negative energy patterns that were held within my body- not only from this lifetime but it seems even from prior lifetimes- Releasing my body and mind is like cutting loose the chains that bound me. What a relief! Replacing pain and constriction with the feeling of freedom, comfort and peace. It has far exceeded my expectations. With continued daily practice my body is learning a new way of being in the world.

KB is now in Continuing Yoga Classes.

November, 2015 

Svaroopa Yoga Bliss Class:   "Here is my cat Marley and I doing yoga. Marley looks like he is helping me lengthen my spine. Isn't it just darling! He just loves to join my practice as does Schatzli but she is too big!As Maitreyi leads us through our Shavasana at the start of class, we practice prana ujiyi breathing and this just flows through your whole body. As I feel myself sinking and melting into the blankets my mind clears all thoughts away and rests in deep meditation.   I feel so at peace, like I am one with my body, mind and soul.  It is blissful and perhaps this is why it is called "Bliss Class".

My daily practice of Svaroopa asanas has kept my upper back, shoulders and neck free of pain during my busy season at my jeweler's bench.  Usually I have chronic pain during this time. I feel it is the deep and slow lengthening of my muscles that helps me.  Also, the classes have taught me to be aware of how I am holding my body throughout the day!   I'm so grateful to my friends that turned me on to Springdale Yoga!!!!

Svaroopa Yoga is not just about asanas,  it is whole body/mind care.  My husband and I have found that  it is so much easier to deal with those times in life that we call stress.  Recalling the Svaroopa Yoga techniques, that we have learned in class and practice in the morning, takes us through our days more gracefully and we just feel sooooo good! My husband has less and less appointments at the chiropractor as time goes by.

Svaroopa Yoga is forever part of our life!  PK, (a regular Bliss Class student as well as a sometime student in Continuing and Deeper yoga classes.)

Gentle Yoga has been beneficial to my mind, my body, and my soul. After extensive shoulder surgery in the Spring of 2015, I began Springdale Yoga's Gentle Yoga Summer Class in 2015 with Margie. Previously, I had attended Beginning Yoga and Continuing Yoga at Springdale Yoga and I wanted to continue with my Yoga practice, but I felt that my body could not handle the poses because of post-surgical pain.

Gentle Yoga was the perfect match for me! The beginning Shavasana relaxed my body and helped me focus inwardly. Then the breathing of Ujjayi Pranayama calmed me completely and I was able to further relax. Some of the poses focused on the areas of my neck and shoulders and helped me gain strength and confidence after surgery. Other students were recovering from knee and hip surgeries, so other poses helped them and I felt rejuvenated from these poses, too. The final Shavasana integrated all of the practice and I experienced a decrease in pain. I also felt relaxed and energized.

As we were doing the poses, Margie told us the benefits of each asana. This is so helpful. She always told me that a pose was specifically for my areas of need. Now, when I am at home I am able to practice these poses and to continue my recovery.

In Fall of 2015, I once again enrolled in Gentle Yoga, as I felt that is was so magical for me. The individual attention and the excellent outcomes from this class have motivated me to weave Yoga practices into my daily life. I look forward to continuing in Gentle Yoga until I feel ready to return to Beginning Yoga. I am forever grateful to Margie for rejuvenating my body and calming my mind.

Jeanne E.

I have been receiving Embodyment ® treatments monthly for several months in conjunction with my weekly class and home practice. I have some chronic pain and muscle issues that have benefitted greatly from the regular treatments. Every time I leave a treatment session, my range of motion has increased, as my pain decreases. Just as importantly, after the treatments, I feel a mental clarity and tranquility that is a wonderful feeling.

Mary 12/15/15

November, 2013 EMBODYMENT AWARENESSES by Judy Dettwiler

Yoga at Springdale Yoga, llcIn October I needed to have thyroid surgery because of a toxic nodule that was causing me to be hyperthyroid. This occurred over the course of a year and I had been experiencing anxiety and insomnia. After the same day surgery experience with being intubated for anesthesia I took some pain medication for 24 hours.

Then Margie (Maitreyi) Wilsman (Embodyment Therapist) began Overlap Healing

With the first EMB I felt my hips and sacrum sink into the floor almost immediately as well as a sense of calm. Before the second EMB I felt pain in my shoulders, neck and head. Prior to EMB she did a Cure All Knee Press. I felt my shoulders release into the blankets. After the EMB I was aware that I had no more pain in my shoulders, neck and head. It was gone! Amazing!

On the #3rd day of EMB she did a Cure All Knee Press and I felt both shoulder blades sink into the blanket. I dropped into my body on both sides during it. Afterwards I felt calm and peace in my body, mind, and heart.

Next I had Embodyments every other day X3. I felt immediate softening through the Rt. side of my body into my shoulder, neck and head. There was an immediate calmness. No pain. With the other side I felt calmness, no pain, clear headed. I coughed to clear phlegm from my throat that may have accumulated due to the surgery. I felt a softening of my whole Lt. side including my face and head.

I had Embodyments every 2 days X3 and I continued to experience healing within and an immense sense of joy for life. I felt the anxiety lift and float away.

I am so grateful for my teacher, Maitreyi, to have experienced this gift. I am grateful for Swami Nirmalananda for this gift of Embodyment that she has brought to our yoga teachers.

March 2011 Claire's painting


Hello ladies,

I had my baby girl yesterday at 14:03! Margie, thank you for your lessons on how to breath- it helped a lot. I was in labor from 9:00 to 14:03 and pushed only for 5 minutes! Nicole, you will do great, just remember to relax between contractions and breath! I tried to focus on breathing versa pain and it worked!

Thank you again and Good Luck Nicole!


February 2011

I want you to know in particular how much coming back to yoga meant for me at surgery yesterday. My husband dropped me off at the Surgery Center at 7:50, then left for his doctors appointments. I sat in two waiting rooms then laid on the guerney until 10:30 (for my 9:00 surgery). I spent the time doing yoga breathing and visualizing, and spent the time very peacefully. At 10:30 I was wheeled into the operating room and the next thing I knew, I was being released about 3ish.

I was so grateful that I met you . . . and that you mentioned teaching yoga. It was so reassuring to me yesterday while I spent the hours waiting.

November 2010

The following testimonial comes from Sarah in Maine and was shared on the Svaroopa® Yoga teacher website.

I lost track of how many years I have lived in chronic back pain. I keep telling people '10 years', but I have used that same line for at least 3 years, so I know it is much more than 10 years. I tried minimizing the pain with chiropractic adjustments, Advil, muscle relaxants, and narcotics, as well as basically limiting myself physically - my world and what I could withstand got smaller and smaller. I was clearly contracting. Last fall the pain escalated - I walked with a limp as the pain traveled and settled in my left hip and left leg; I could not turn over in bed without pain nor could I bear weight on my left leg without pain. As a hospice nurse, I know a little too much and not quite enough - I had convinced myself that I had leukemia - fortunately, this fear sent me to my physician. Perhaps after 10 plus years of chronic pain, it was time to get to the doctor.

After some diagnostic testing I had the diagnosis: Advanced degenerative disk disease of my lower spine AKA: severe arthritis. OH MY WORD! - SEVERE ARTHRITIS? I AM ONLY 56 YEARS OLD! My mind had a heyday as it created an image: me in a wheelchair within 10 years. My husband and I discussed the need to change our lives to accommodate this diagnosis as the years progressed. On my follow up appointment, my physician offered three treatments: a steroid injection, more narcotics, or perhaps I should go see a back surgeon. My insides said NO to all three options. I told her I would get back to her.

Well, I am a firm believer of the saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'. Within a few days, a Chaplain that I worked with heard my tale of woe and casually said:

"You know Sarah, you should look into Svaroopa ® yoga. I think it would help you."

The word Svaroopa ® pierced my heart in a way I cannot adequately explain. I immediately went on line to the Master Yoga website and knew within a few paragraphs that I HAD to experience this yoga. More than pain relief, what drew me in was the focus on yoga as a path towards enlightenment, toward awakening to your true Self and living from that perspective. I am an enlightenment junkie and sitting at the feet of several awakened souls and devouring hundreds of books on enlightenment in hopes to quench my seemingly insatiable hunger.

As the closest teacher to me was 2 hours away, I immediately ordered the two DVD's Primary Practice and Yoga for Your Back . I eagerly awaited their arrival as somewhere deep inside of me, I knew this style of yoga held some kind blessing for me. When they arrived, I began my home practice, giving myself the treat of 2 sessions a day when possible. Within a few days, my back pain began to subside - melting away. I arranged for a private class in January so I could be certain I was doing the poses correctly and kept on with my home practice. My leg pain began to subside. I began to experience my body for the first time in my life. I would lie in bed at night and feel the pain as it traveled in my body; it was ever shifting and ever changing and then it would simply disappear!

I began traveling that two-hour drive for weekly yoga classes and my healing continued. Within a few months of practice, I resigned from my high-powered stressful management position and now have a much more gentle and easy lifestyle. And, bonuses of all bonuses, along the way, I began to wake up a bit. I have experienced three 'enlightenment' moments that have kept me motivated so I KNOW there is a whole other reality that is ever present - however, these experiences, like the pain, would hang around for a while and then disappear. Consequently, my spiritual journey has been mainly between my ears - believing in spiritual concepts but not actually realizing them within myself except for passing moments. Svaroopa ® yoga changed even all of that as I through the practice I embody my Self more and more.

I find myself living in a pain free body and enjoying an ever-growing mental/emotional state of relaxed and contented awareness. How awesome is that? All of this happened in less than one year. You cannot make this stuff up! I am truly enjoying life. What a blessing I have been given.

 August, 2010

Margie instructingA natural hoof care professional, Amy Sheehy had a numb area to the right of her sacrum at the time she took Foundations, Autumn 2008. Amy was first injured a year and a half earlier when she fell from her own horse. Ten months after that, she was kicked by a client's horse as she filed a back hoof with a 14-inch tool called a rasp. Flung backwards, Amy landed on the rasp's bulbous handle - and the numb place to the right of her sacrum grew larger. Also sustaining a concussion and whiplash, Amy visited a chiropractor for treatment who told her, "You need to do yoga," because her spine was too tight to be adjusted.

So in May 2008, Amy began Svaroopa ® yoga. "I immediately fell in love with Svaroopa ® classes," says Amy, "and I complemented them with four Embodyment ® sessions." In September her teacher told the class about an upcoming Foundations course. "It sounds interesting," thought Amy, and she especially looked forward to cultivating "a lot more awareness" -- so she registered. To Amy's amazement, "Foundations wiped the slate clean. I had been able to function with the numb sacrum, so I really thought nothing of it. But after Foundations, to my delight, all sensation has returned; the numbness has completely disappeared! I expected Svaroopa ® yoga to help but never imagined it would be so quickly or fully. I suppose it really just confirms that it all begins in the tailbone!"

Moreover, Amy has found a great difference in horseback riding. Now she can more easily find the timing and rhythm and feel where the horse's hind is beneath her.

November, 2009 Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles

So far three regular students (who attended weekly classes for over a year) have reported getting taller.  Two students were measured at their yearly medical appointments and each reported being a half-inch taller (rather than shrinking in their 50’s as the doctor expected.)  One student measured herself at home and wrote:   "You are correct, I am taller! I was curious, so I had [my husband] measure my height when I got home today. 5 feet 5 inches! I think the tallest I ever recall was 5 feet 4  inches in HS so I have always said 5-4. An entire inch! Amazing!   Most women my age are getting shorter, not taller! Now that we have a benchmark, it will be interesting to see if it is any different in a few months, since I think there is still some untwisting left to do in my spine."

September, 2009

Ujjaya Pranayama has helped to calm my mind and give me clarity. I feel the best when I am able to do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Working on the Magic Four in my house has increased my flexibility and elevated hit and back pain. I am more aware of the way that I stand and walk. After attending Margie’s classes for almost two years I am standing straighter, in my bones and walking straighter with less of a sway back. Starting my day off with yoga is the best thing that I can do for my sanity! I am not really a morning person, but my job requires me to be. When I am able to start my day with yoga I can go to work with a smile on my face and a calm mind and body (even if the day before was stressful). That has been really wonderful for my students.

December, 2008

Gosh, I feel normal!  Symptoms of headaches and dizziness had led Connie to discover extremely high blood pressure, with a diastolic reading of over 90.  Medication reduced it to 130/80.  Her cardiologist suggested yoga as appropriate exercise, since Connie is also concerned about cholesterol and subject to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 

For the past six months Connie been attending weekly classes and practicing at home daily, both asana as well as Ujjayi Pranayama.  This has brought about "powerful, positive change."  Her blood pressure has lowered to 122/78, and is consistently staying down.  "Gosh, I feel normal!" says Connie.  It was hard for her to start a daily Ujjayi practice.  "I started in small increments.  I did four minutes for a few days and worked my way up slowly to twenty minutes.  Now I can say it's a regular and vital part of my day -something I look forward to."  Connie is beginning to feel motivated to practice the Ujjayi breath for twenty minutes twice daily, knowing that Ann tells her the practice will eliminate the symptoms of CFS.

October, 2008

Ted hurt his back while volunteering to clean up at a neighborhood park.  He pulls out down trees, hauling logs and branches, and more.  Now retired, he was a football and baseball player during high school and college and continued playing adult league baseball until a few years ago. He has suffered injuries before, but none like this one. He and his wife were planning an across country driving trip to visit on of their children and he was ready to postpone the trip.  While he loves to drive the pain was just too much.  Ted signed up for an Overlap Healing Series of Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy, which included learning the Magic 4 Home Practice.  He practiced daily.  He also learned about and decided to use the sit bone block while driving across the country.  Their trip was a “pain free” success and today Ted continues his daily Magic 4 Home Practice.Springdale Yoga, llc

<---Yes, a turkey at the door of Springdale Yoga! ---

After yoga class this student notices that she must adjust her car mirrors.  She is taller than when she drove to Springdale Yoga.  She also noticed that after class she can more easily lean her head back on the headrest—something she never could do before.

September, 2008

Lynn recently suffered a very painful shoulder/neck injury while playing tennis and was being treated by a physical therapist for it.  In addition, she continued her Thursday morning classes at Springdale Yoga and began twice a week Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy.  She went a step further and signed up for the Master Yoga Foundations course which involved forty-five hours of yoga over five days. Just prior to attending the class, her physical therapist measured her ability to move my neck from side to side.  It was approximately 45 degrees in both directions.  Upon returning from the Foundations course, the therapist, once again, measured the neck rotation.  To her surprise, Lynn could move her neck more than seventy degrees both ways.  Lynn wrote:  I believe that the Svaroopa® yoga is the only reason for that improvement. 

August 25, 2008

A year ago, Jeanne had back surgery to remove part of abulging disc.  She was experiencing stiffness and pain despite many physical therapies and treatments, like acupuncture.  She planned a two-month trip through Europe and worried about making it.  After an Overlap Healing series of 9 Embodyment® and Yoga Therapy treatments the stiffness and pain were gone—zero pain levels!  She reported:  I feel calmer more relaxed and healthier from the inside out.  My body (and mind) learned how to relax and say “yes, yes, yes” to being more comfortable and letting go of the pain.  My mind will learn as I go in life (and my trip) from the teachings learned.

Update—Jeannie’s trip was successful.  She practices the yoga breathing and poses while on her trip.  She is now on a second trip to Central America.  *(January 2009)*

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