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lower6 Yoga Therapy

Svaroopa ® Yoga: Mind-Body Yoga

Use your body to work on your mind, clearing away the thoughts and emotions that cause your stress and tensions. Along with amazing physical improvements,   Svaroopa ® yoga clears multiple levels simultaneously, to open up access to your own deeper essence, named "svaroopa".

If you are looking for relief from pain, faster healing, greater relaxation, more peace of mind, and more….a private Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy or Embodyment® Session is for you!   At the first session we will determine how many sessions are needed to get high pain levels back to "normal.  Sessions are custom-designed for each client, every time you come in.  There after, each session can be the same or different, as your needs, physical condition and requests change.   Svaroopa® Yoga targets the internal structures of your body to unravel the deepest knots of muscular tension resulting in “core openings” or “spinal releases.”  

1. Embodyment® Yoga Therapy  

"I have been receiving Embodyment ® treatments monthly for several months in conjunction with my weekly class and home practice. I have some chronic pain and muscle issues that have benefitted greatly from the regular treatments. Every time I leave a treatment session, my range of motion has increased, as my pain decreases. Just as importantly, after the treatments, I feel a mental clarity and tranquility that is a wonderful feeling." Mary 12/15/15

No yoga poses are needed in an Embodyment® session. Instead you lie down in yoga’s relaxation pose (Shavasana), comfortably propped and aligned, while the therapist lays her hands on specific points in your lower spine.  This promotes a release of deep tension in the muscles connected to your spine.  The session is very relaxing and requires no effort on your part. In special cases, such as recovering from injury or physical problems, you many benefit by having more frequent sessions for the first three weeks or two months. Some adults enjoy having and Embodyment® session weekly.  

The first appointment typically lasts 15-20 minutes longer as the therapist gets your history. Then appointments are 60 minutes.

To schedule an Embodyment® or a Yoga Therapy session with Maitreyi Margie call the studio at 608-437-5082 or send an e-mail to

To schedule an Embodyment® session with Judy call her at 608-514-4854 (cell) or e-mail her at

To schedule an Embodyment® Session with Patty, call 608-669-5362.

2. Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy -

Maitreyi Margie is Certified Svarooopa® Yoga Therapist-Level 1 and continues to take courses towards a Medical Yoga Therapist certificate. She provides Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy to relieve pain, for neck and shoulder -upper spinal problems, spine, knees and feet problems, and specifically for the treatment of Scoliosis.

Each therapy session will include release of spinal tension in a specific sequence , but is geared to address problem areas, aches and pains, areas of tension, etc. When you arrive for a session, Margie will discuss the session format and you will decide together what will be the best sequence for the session. There are many Svaroopa ® Yoga Therapy techniques .  Margie will custom select yoga poses, provide specialized alignments, props and adjustments for maximum benefits to you each time. As an example, a client with knee problems would have a different session than a client with neck and shoulder problems or migraines. Or, some clients prefer a quieter, more restful session, in which case I'll choose lying down poses.

3.  Overlap Healing

This therapy involves a series of daily sessions that can provide a fast and powerful healing with a minimum of relapse (or none). Overlap Healing is recommended for conditions or problems that need accelerated and maximum healing. The sessions are concentrated to provide deep and rapid change and then tapered off slowly to allow the body to adapt.  Sessions are structured in the following ways:  


1 session per day for 3 consecutive days, followed by
1 session every other day for 6 days, followed by
1 session every third day for 9 days
(for a total of 9 sessions over 18 days.)


1 session per day for 5 consecutive days, followed by
1 session every other day for 10 days, followed by
1 session every third day for 15 days
(for a total of 15 sessions over 30 days.)  


1 session per day for 10 consecutive days, followed by
1 session every other day for 20 days, followed by
1 session every third day for 30 days
(for a total of 30 sessions over 60 days.)  

9 sessions is the minimum. 

While healing can be jump started by Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy and/or Embodyment®, the real healer is you.  Healing takes place from the inside out.  You will find that the healing continues long after your treatment has ended and can help clear up long standing conditions that yoga poses in a typical Svaroopa® Yoga class can’t reach fast enough.  

4.  Private Yoga Instruction

For those who prefer one-on-one instruction a private class is available. Private yoga instruction can also be used to develop a Home Practice which is important to do in conjunction with yoga therapy and/or yoga classes.  The therapist will provide you with poses to do that are specific to both spinal releases and your particular conditions.   Private instruction also provides attention to your individual needs and a chance to have your personal yoga questions answered.

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Margie is a registered yoga instructor
Judy Dettwiler, RYT
608.437.5082 (studio) or 608.514.4854 (cell)

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