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Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa® Yoga: What is it?

Svaroopa® Yoga includes 120 poses.   Normal yoga classes teach 30-50 poses.    Svaroopa® Yoga also includes 384 special alignments and adjustments.

What you will do in a class?

The class begins in a resting pose that promotes relaxation and awareness—Shavasana.  You will be provided the proper support and props to release your spine so that there is only 25 pounds of lumbar pressure. 

Each class begins and ends with a Marker pose to help you understand the core releases along the spine that you are experiencing in your body through class. 

Then there are a series of poses that take you through a spinal sequence—tailbone, sacrum, waist and ribcage to release spinal tensions.

You will receive training in proper alignment needed in each pose, and your teacher will provide you with the proper support for your body needed to create core openings where you body is the tightest.  The emphasis is on the release of tension, rather than on stretching.  This builds inner strength and stamina and fosters aliveness and vitality.  The experience of Svaroopa® yoga brings groundedness, deep calm, greater spinal freedom, all the physical benefits of reduced tension and BLISS!

ANY BODY can practice Svaroopa® yoga.  It is a non-athletic form of practice, and yet is perfect for the person who exercises regularly.  Yoga is  a holistic system of self-care that is universally available to all sizes, shapes, and levels of physical fitness.

Shavasana pose

About Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa® Yoga is a healing and restorative style of Hatha yoga that reaches into the spine to create a deep release of tension held in the body, mind and spirit. 

Svaroopa Yoga uses precise alignment and props to release these core muscular tensions from your tailbone all the way up through your neck and head. Each pose is spoken about in terms of "the angles and alignment that provides core openings", rather than in terms of "poses to be learned".

Swami Nirmalanada Saraswati (formerly Rama Berch) is the creator of Svaroopa ® Yoga.  You can read more about her at

September 16, 2010 Swami Nirmalanda held the opening ceremony for her new ashram-Svaroopa Vidya Ashram. Read more at

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Margie is a registered yoga instructor
Judy Dettwiler, RYT
608.437.5082 (studio) or 608.514.4854 (cell)

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