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 Frequently Asked Questions

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What does CSYT mean?Male Yoga
Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher

Margie has successfully completed 685 hours of Svaroopa Yoga Teacher Training, including:

  • 128 Asanas-Practice & Teaching
  • Personalized Props & Adjustments
  • 325 Pose Adjustmnets
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Goal & History of Yoga
  • Sanskrit terminology
  • Embodyment® Yoga Therapy
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Introductory Yoga Philosophy & Meditation Practice
  • Introductory Mantras & Pranayamas
  • Year-Long Mentorship & Lesson Planning

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Svaroopa ® Yoga: Mind-Body Yoga

lower6Use your body to work on your mind, clearing away the thoughts and emotions that cause your stress and tensions. Along with amazing physical improvements,   Svaroopa ® yoga clears multiple levels simultaneously, to open up access to your own deeper essence, named "svaroopa".




What if I am allergic to perfume and scented lotion/splashes?
   Students will be asked to not wear perfumes or scented lotions/splashes because some people are sensitive and even allergic to them.  So please use non-scented lotions and other body products when you are coming to classes at Springdale Yoga.  Thank you.

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What if I've never taken yoga before or am new to Svaroopa® Yoga?
    Your instructor will encourage you to attend at least three or four Svaroopa® Yoga classes and will be encouraged to try doing a yoga at home during this time, in order to begin experiencing the potential benefits.  Then you will have some personal basis for deciding whether or not to learn more Svaroopa® Yoga.

    There are many styles of yoga and they even use the same poses.  One difference is the way the poses are executed.  For example, Svaroopa® Yoga begins with poses that are done on the floor, in chairs and on blankets.  Standing poses come later, after you have learned what it feels like to be in a pose without tightening your spine and after you have learned how to use your leg muscles, arms and abdominal muscles instead of spinal muscles, when executing various poses. Every class emphasizes opening of the spine, beginning at the tailbone and progressing through each spinal area in turn. The goals of Svaroopa® Yoga include greater flexibility, body strength, and stamina---without creating spinal tension!
    Even students who are continuing in Svaroopa® Yoga are encouraged to take classes in other kinds of yoga so that they can understand the differences in the "inner experience" that comes from the deep core openings of Svaroopa® Yoga as compared to other kinds of yoga.   

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Can I do yoga if ...?
    People often ask about their particular health condition and if they can do yoga.  For example, if I am depressed? Have high blood pressure?  Low back problems?   Herniated disc?  Sciatica?  Arthritis? Fibromyalgia? Hip Replacement?  Diabetes?  Post-Polio Syndrome?  Pregnant? Ligament injuries? Knee problems?  Hyperflexibility? 

    For each  yoga pose that we do in class your instructor has learned  "cautions" related to various health problems.  We also learn "benefits" for each pose, for example, which poses benefit depression or low back pain. 

    Your instructor will mention these benefits and cautions as each pose is introduced, and if needed, suggest ways to alter the pose for particular health problems, suggest when someone should skip a pose, and discuss what benefits to expect.

    Some people wonder if they are too old to do yoga.  NEVER!  No matter what your age you can start doing yoga today.  We all need to DO MORE YOGA!

    At this time Springdale Yoga does not offer children's classes.  There are yoga books for children and we will try to include a few of them in the Links section of this website.

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How can yoga help me?
    Yoga has many benefits.  There are benefits related to particular styles of yoga, as the release of core tensions from Svaroopa® Yoga.  Each pose has particular benefits that are discussed by your instructor throughout class. 
    While doing the Svaroopa® Yoga poses, each person develops their own inner experience.  Your instructor will help you develop "words" to describe these new inner experiences, so that you can talk about the way yoga is helping you.

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Do I need to bring yoga equipment?

    At Springdale yoga all equipment is provided:  yoga mats, blocks, straps, weights, blankets and chairs.  You do NOT have to bring any equipment.

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How should I dress?

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing--nothing that is restrictive to leg and arm movements.  You can wear socks, and even shoes if you need them for stability.

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How do I choose the right class for me?

    We can talk by phone about what class is the right one for you.  For example, if you are trying to conceive, it may be more beneficial to take Pregnancy Yoga than Beginning Yoga.  You can take Gentle Yoga anytime, not just when you have particular health problems.  Your instructor is available by phone, e-mail or in person to discuss your questions.
    Perhaps you want to take a few Private Lessons before deciding what classes to enroll in.  This too can be discussed.

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Can I eat before class?
    Do NOT eat a heavy meal before coming to yoga class, a private lesson or yoga therapy.  You may eat something light a couple of hours before class. Many of the poses involve use of the abdominal muscles and you can better "feel" the abs and how they work when your stomach is not full.

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Who can take Gentle Yoga?

  Anyone can take Gentle Yoga.  Classes are designed to meet the needs of individuals who may have various health problems.  Poses are adjusted to meet students' special needs with substitute poses suggested when a person is having difficulties with a particular pose. 
    Also, classes proceed at an easier pace by not staying in poses as long, and doing only the first stage or one stage of a pose. Students are reminded to come out of a pose early or to skip a pose if you are uncomfortable.

    At least two classes in each 10-week Session are devoted to Home Practice and/or the Magic 4.  Your instructor will encourage you to develop a "Gentle Home Practice" so that when you attend class you can experience greater benefits from each pose.

    Your instructor may suggest scheduling a Private Lesson so that your particular health problems can be examined more closely and a series of poses can be designed for your home practice.  Your instructor may also suggest Yoga Therapy to speed up your progress during yoga class.

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Can a Beginning Yoga student feel comfortable in the same class with Continuing Yoga students?

    Experienced students are a wonderful resource for new students, helpful in getting you set up for class, helping you understand the routines of each class, and in demonstrating poses to you.  Another advantage is that experienced students can share the benefits from Svaroopa® Yoga and thus provide encouragement, particularly encouraging new students to continue to practice in class and at home for the long-term benefits.

    Many returning students have developed a Home Practice and can learn to do new poses without tightening their spine.  Thus the main difference in class is that they may receive more benefits from poses than Beginning Students.

    At least one class in each 10-week Session is devoted to the Magic 4.  Your instructor will encourage everyone, new and continuing, to use the Magic 4 in their home practice so that you can experience greater benefits from the new poses done in each class.

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What are long-term benefits for Continuing Yoga Students?
    At Springdale Yoga we offer 10-Week Session that overtime, focus on 12 Themes:  Daily Practice, Lower Spine Release, Upper Spine Release, Abdominals, Backbends, Standing, Forward Bends, Neck & Shoulders, Balance & Inversions, and Classical Poses.  Each theme introduces new poses while at the same time following the basic Svaroopa® Yoga key principle - using the poses to release the tensions in your spinal muscles, beginning at the tailbone and carrying the changes all the way up.

    You are welcome to take classes in any or all of these themes.  Each theme follows particular Svaroopa® Yoga principles that you are encouraged to understand, so that you can knowledgably begin adding new poses to your Home Practice - without injuring yourself or decreasing the Core Releases in your spinal muscles that you are experiencing.

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What if I have an injury or a new health problem can I still take Svaroopa Yoga class?

    Please let your instructor know BEFORE class starts, if you have a new injury or new health problem.  This information needs to be added to your registration form and your Instructor will make appropriate pose adjustments for you during the class.  If you should NOT practice yoga at this time your Instructor will tell you so.  Svaroopa® Yoga is NOT medicine!
    Your instructor may ask if you are interested in speeding recovery by taking Yoga Therapy that may be particularly beneficial in the first one or two weeks of a new injury or health problem.

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How often should I take Svaroopa® Yoga class or Yoga Therapy?

    You can take as many yoga classes per week as your schedule permits.  However, you will be encouraged to develop a Home Practice and attend one or two classes per week.  Group classes are beneficial in different ways than home practice, in terms of your experiencing the "energy" of the group and by your instructor's helping you to refine your alignments in poses.   Proper alignment and support is essential for receiving the full benefits possible from each pose.

    Yoga students often find that Yoga Therapy helps to "fast-forward" the changes that they experience during yoga classes.  Some students enjoy having a Yoga Therapy session once or twice a month.  In special cases, such as recovering from injury or physical problems, students may benefit by having more frequent sessions for the first one or two weeks.

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Why should someone consider Pregnancy Yoga?

    Svaroopa Pregnancy Yoga is beneficial for mothers-to-be, as well as those hoping to conceive.    Partners are welcome too. Classes are designed for three purposes simultaneously.
1. To make the mother-to-be more comfortable throughout her pregnancy.
2. To smooth and speed labor & delivery.
3. To create a healing resilience for recovery.

    Svaroopa® Yoga poses are used to open the lower spine, the hips and pelvic floor, making more interior space for baby to nestle in under the heart.  At the same time these internal openings make more room for the internal organs of the mother-to-be - relieving tensions in these internal organs. Svaroopa® Yoga is used to melt away tensions that mother-to-be hadn't even know were there - developing her ability to settle in and making her sense of baby easier to connect with. Svaroopa® Yoga poses also open up the rib cage area - adding space in the interior of the body for more breathing space and baby space.

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Margie is a registered yoga instructor
Judy Dettwiler, RYT
608.437.5082 (studio) or 608.514.4854 (cell)

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